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  • Version 2.0beta

    • 2011-02-11

      initial writing of the documentation

    • 2011-02-22

      added the Authentication section

    • 2011-02-22

      clarified the example code by separating request and response

    • 2011-02-25

      removed the slug from the PUT and POST parameters

  • Version 2.1 (stable)

    • 2011-03-23

      normalized of links accross the services: <{name} href="{link}" />

      added href attribute on every resource in both info and index services

      added an host ( to the links in documentation

      dropped the needless CDATA

      added documentation for root service (/services/)

      fixed the attribute names with an underscore character

      added XML header version attribute in documentation as it is served by the web services

      normalized foreign objects link inclusion (links appear on {object} info service but not in {object} list one)

      fixed platform medias route: replaced platform_id by platform_slug to fit the documentation

      added the streams foreign link in media streams documentation

      fixed the stream show sub_title attribute name in documentation

      removed unused stream view stream_image attribute from the documentation and the API

      fixed the resource show sub_title and author_email attribute names in documentation

      added a property rel="owner" on the user foreign object in the file show service

      added the country attribute in the country index and country info services documentation

      added a thumbnail attribute in file info service code and documentation

      added a embed attribute in file info and resource info services and documentation

  • Version 2.1.1

    • 2011-05-02

      added nested feature in file services

  • Version 2.2.0

    • 2011-05-10

      added partial update support and documentation

    • 2011-05-12

      added language and country support and documentation for users services

  • Version 2.2.1

    • 2011-05-18

      removed <platform /> link from the group list documentation

      added the group user list service documentation

      fixed the group add user and group remove user documentation

  • Version 2.2.2

    • 2011-05-19

      added <users /> and <accesses /> links to group services

      added <accesses /> link to user services

    • 2011-05-19

      added 422 Unprocessable Entity error status code documentation

  • Version 2.2.3

    • 2011-08-26

      added accesses service for platform, media, stream and resource

      added <accesses /> link to platform, media, stream and resource info services

    • 2011-09-07

      added visibility REQUIRED property on resource model

    • 2011-09-08

      removed author and author_mail properties from resource model

  • Version 2.2.4

    • 2012-01-12

      added advices on caching

  • Version 2.2.5

    • 2012-01-18

      removed platform property from the role list service

      fixed Add a user in a group documentation: user -> username

      added details to retrieve files from the root directory

      removed sub_domain_name property from the stream services (deprecated)

    • 2012-01-19

      fixed typo in media services: domain -> domain_name

      added password in user create service example, as it is a required field

      added help on country and language capitalization

    • 2012-01-26

      added details on file upload

    • 2012-02-03

      replaced 422 error codes by 412 since 422 is not part of HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616)

    • 2012-02-10

      added is_active property to user services

    • 2012-02-24

      fixed typo in Stream delete service documentation

      removed references to the modules

  • Version 2.3.0

    • 2012-02-24

      added publication channel services

    • 2012-06-08

      fixed typo in Platform services documentation (max_user -> max_users)

    • 2012-06-14

      changed the global services entry point design to reflect user accesses

  • Version 2.3.1

    • 2012-06-19

      added extension widgets service

  • Version 2.3.2

    • 2012-06-28

      added a link to the thumbnail in Resource info service

      fixed link to file_show in Resource info service

    • 2012-08-03

      added Role services

    • 2012-08-17

      added Profile services

  • Version 2.3.3

    • 2012-10-17

      added API version in HTTP header X-Api-Version in all responses

  • Version 2.3.4

    • 2012-11-14

      put back name property in file_info service

    • 2013-01-17

      change available values for visibility property from hidden, private, public to draft, hidden, visible

  • Version 2.3.5

    • 2013-02-05

      added created_users and used_space properties to the Platform info service

  • Version 2.4.0

    • 2013-03-15

      improved HTTP Digest authentication performances

      finally removed Set-Cookie from the response headers

  • Version 2.5.0

    • 2013-07-14

      added widget methods (create, list, info, update, delete)

      added player theme methods (list, info)

      added player behavior methods (list, info)

      added details on quota units in Platform and Profile services

  • Version 2.5.1

    • 2013-11-05

      added name property and href attribute in file list response

  • Version 2.5.2

    • 2013-11-13

      added publication usages management on Media, Stream and Resource models

  • Version 2.5.3

    • 2014-06-02

      binded the publications service to a platform

    • 2014-06-04

      fixed File thumbnail URLs

  • Version 2.5.10

    • 2014-06-06

      added theme and skin attributes to web channel services

  • Version 2.5.11

    • 2014-06-16

      added visibility property in stream service responses

  • Version 2.5.16

    • 2015-02-17

      added metadata services

    • 2015-02-20

      allowed file update to change metadata

    • 2015-02-26

      file create can now take a folder parameter, which is the Folder’s slug.

  • Version 2.5.17

    • 2015-03-06

      added directory services

  • Version 2.5.19

    • 2015-03-19

      added type attributes to file info method (video, audio, etc.)

  • Version 2.6.0

    • 2015-03-23

      added flavor elements in GET /services/resource method with a link to a deliverable Flavor

      added widget elements in GET /services/resource method with a CDATA url encoded embed code

      added player elements in GET /services/resource method method with a link to a web page that displays the resource player

      the embed element is now deprecated and will be deleted in the next minor version

  • Version 2.7.0

    Added with-token argument to GET /resource method to have secured deliverable assets served for protected resources.

  • Version 2.8.0

    Added duration and views for GET /resource method

  • Version 2.9.1

    • 2015-08-20

      added subtitles management for File and Resource objects

      added upload methods to enable secured file creation from frontend

  • Version 2.9.4

    • 2015-09-10

      change endpoint for web services

      updated endpoint is now deprecated access will be forbidden after 2015/10/25.

      updated endpoint : web services don’t need anymore adding /services/ to run

  • Version 2.10.0

    • 2015-10-13

      added insertlogo Studio method

  • Version 2.11.0

    • 2016-04-15

      added GET /file/:slug/snapshots method to list a File snapshot(s)

      added POST /file/:slug/snapshots method select or upload a snapshot for a given File

  • Version 2.14.3

    • 2016-05-25

      added GET /file/:slug/satus method to display a File encoding status/progress

      added GET /search/directories method to search directories (by name)